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ABOUT: It is 100% free, but you can also purchase premium accounts.

THE PROBLEM: Want to find a reliable program to split and join large documents, but keep costs down? This free tool fits the bill.

Split and Join is an easy-to-use free tool that will help you to quickly split large document files into smaller pieces, and join them back into one. This free utility can split documents based on any number of files, but a maximum of 9 GB of file size can be split. If you want to split a larger file, then you will need to purchase a premium account.

NEW in version 2.0
NEW: Speed of document splitting can now be adjusted to your needs.
NEW: Improved ease-of-use.
NEW: Document size limits in GB, and best file splitter, can be selected from within application menu.

WHAT IT IS: A free tool designed to split large documents into smaller pieces and join them back into one. It can split documents based on any number of files, but a maximum of 9 GB of file size can be split. If you want to split a larger file, then you will need to purchase a premium account.

PROBLEM: Want to split large document files into smaller pieces, and then save them to your disk?

HOW TO USE IT: Open the application from your Windows 8 Start screen or Windows Desktop, or any other Windows 8 application, by searching for the program name. The application will appear in a tile-like window, where it will automatically ask you to select the file you want to split.

Once the file has been selected, then you can choose to split the file or select split a file. The application will ask you the number of pieces you want to split, and then how you want to arrange those pieces. The file will be split into pieces, and then you will be able to move or copy the pieces to any location you wish.

Once the pieces have been moved to the correct location, you can join them back together into one by clicking on the join button in the application, or you can choose to save them to disk.

Note: If you don’t find the application in the list of programs that start with Windows, just search for the program name. The application will then appear in the search results.

My Computer file system
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Portable Quicksys DiskDefrag Preliminary Features Service Discovery Multicast Messages Namespace Support Viewing XMPP users list XMPP messages XMPP connection User management Debugging XMPP inbound firewall Java Client/Server Support Lightweight XMPP Library

Tinder Version Features Tinder provides various capabilities to address a group of users that are on the lookout for a library for their Java-based application projects that require XMPP capabilities. XMPP, which stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, represents a protocol for communications especially created for instant messaging computer programs that revolves around the Extensible Markup Language (XML).
First things first, Java programmers have a great array of possibilities as they can choose from multiple integrated development environments (IDE) to work in as well as the standalone programming language that is used all over the world in so many devices that they easily step across the billion line. A Java library, such as Tinder, is pure gold for any programmers that wants to rapidly integrate various technology-specific potential into their projects.
On the other hand, the XMPP protocol is the foundation stone of many applications these days, such as Coccinella, Gajim, Jitsi, Kadu, Miranda IM, Pidgin, Psi, Tkabber or Trillian. Moreover, this certain communications protocol also empowers cross-platform software, thus the benefits are tremendous, at least in a multi-OS community with computers running Windows, Mac OS X or one of the several Linux distributions.
What Tinder tries to accomplish is the implementation of numerous XMPP stanzas as well as components within programs. Its source code is a mix between two other implementations previously released by the same company. Thus, with Tinder you get the feature set and the functionality from both the Openfire and Whack X

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