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-B = force usage of bash for shell support
-S = force usage of sed for CSV support
-J = enable job control
-N = disabling SSL
-f = disabling SSL
-m = force usage of mkdir for OS support
-d = disable starting process as a daemon
-k = disabling to use the default package name
-g = disable appending new tag/branch to ‘Git’ file
-h = enable print help message
-i = disable the installer script
-r = enable usage of rm command
-v = enable verbose messages
-c = disable running’make’ command
-o = override options.

As for the differences between the two services, Gogs is 100% free and open-source software. This is clearly visible by the fact that it doesn’t have any price tag attached to it.
Gogs on the other hand has a paid version that is highly recommended if you intend on more than simply a simple home-based Git server, yet it can be purchased without strings attached.
Final thoughts
So, if you’re looking for a piece of software that allows you to host a Git server by yourself, then Gogs is undoubtedly the best pick available today.
Furthermore, with the ever-increasing popularity of GitHub among both individuals and developers, Gogs is perfectly suited for use as a self-hosted Git server, especially since it now allows you to have an easier access to your own Git repository.
All in all, it is obvious that Gogs is one of the best pieces of software for those seeking a Git service in their quest for individual Git repositories.


Let me suggest the following way to host your git repository. It is based on a little known open source project called remotecontrol, although I wrote a description of the software in 2014, it is still up to date.


Why is.NET’s nullable bool different from plain old bool?

I’m using C# and trying to understand a behavior of a nullable type bool.
I have the following class:
public class Example
public bool? Value { get; set; }
public void DoSomething()
Console.WriteLine(Value.HasValue); //prints False
Console.WriteLine(Value 4f8c9c8613

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KEYMACRO is a free multi-lingual macro keyboard recorder with built-in Windows hotkeys. It works in the background of your computer and offers a user-friendly interface. It helps you to record keyboard actions and export the data to a text file. KEYMACRO captures all keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can use it to create your own macros, then edit them, rearrange them, re-order the keyboard shortcuts, add notes and change the keyboard shortcut to a custom command.
You can search for keystrokes and easily find the matching one. KEYMACRO can be used as a stand-alone application, part of your taskbar, a system tray applet or a floating tool window. You can choose to run it when you start your computer or start it automatically at a given time.
KEYMACRO includes additional features:
• For everyone
KEYMACRO has been designed with novices in mind. It is very easy to use and does not require any programming skills or experience with programming. You can even use it without reading the documentation.
• No learning curve
You can start using it right away and start taking advantage of its features with just a couple of minutes of training.
• Multi-lingual
KEYMACRO is available in many languages. Choose the language you prefer and install it directly from the KEYMACRO web site.
• Support
You can get support for this product with free technical support from the KEYMACRO support website.
• Free
KEYMACRO is completely free.

Gnome Calculator is a full-featured calculator that runs in a floating window on your desktop.
Gnome Calculator is a cross-platform application, that can be used in Linux as well as Windows. It features simple and useful functions, a drawing area, formulas and operators. The floating window also lets you copy, paste and copy formulas as they are displayed.
The application features a simple user interface, 6 different viewing modes, a formula editor, and a full-featured, easy-to-use formula editor that allows you to create your own formulas and operations.
Gnome Calculator supports scientific notation. In addition, it has special functions such as modular exponents and logarithms.
There is a free and a paid version of Gnome Calculator. The free version is limited in functionality and features, while the paid version includes more features and is fully featured.

This software provides additional information about the services running

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