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KeyedAccess is an add-on tool that allows you to restrict access to your Access programs to certain trial or demo periods.
Users can lock access to a program by using a product key or an unlock code.
In addition, you can set a time limit for each trial.
This add-on is suitable for making sure users are not running out of trials/uses of your software, and that you can make sure noone has any access to your applications without your permission.
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Microsoft Access
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Metasploit for Java 6 for Windows is a set of penetration tests that will test your security by allowing or denying you to exploit a vulnerability within your code.
You’ll be able to test different aspects of your security, such as buffer overflows, remote file inclusion, time-based authentication, SQL injection, remote file deletion, and others.
This product will allow you to test these bugs against a local Windows computer, as well as remote computers, through the Metasploit Framework, which is an open-source project that allows developers to develop automated, interactive and high-level security testing tools.
A professional penetration tester can perform a full vulnerability test using the framework to discover vulnerabilities in an application or web-based application.
Metasploit For Java 6 For Windows is a product that runs on Windows and Linux platforms and is a key element of the Metasploit Framework, which has been developed for over 13 years.
Metasploit Framework is open-source software that has recently undergone many updates and enhancements. The main objectives of the developers of Metasploit Framework are to provide a framework for extending and enhancing the capabilities of Metasploit, making Metasploit more powerful and easier to use.
Metasploit allows penetration testers and security experts to find and exploit a variety of security vulnerabilities in an enterprise environment. The exploits are available to be used for testing and for security research.
Metasploit Framework is a collection of hundreds of penetration testing and reverse engineering tools for remote attacks on Windows, Linux, and Unix-based operating systems.
This tool has been designed to be easy to use, as well as easy to learn for non-security professionals.
Metasploit Framework Features:
Built-in framework for executing vulnerability tests
Interactive use – you can test your security even if you are not an expert
Possibility of running tests in parallel
Support for different platforms such as Windows, 70238732e0

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Disk Space Usage (DSU) is a useful application that allows you to easily identify who or what is using the disk space on your NetWare volume.
You can easily identify who or what is using disk space on your volume by selecting the disk space you want to use, clicking on the User column, and selecting which user, or user group, you want to see. You can also select the Last Access Date filter by clicking on Last Accessed Date under the Date filter column.
If you click on the Advanced button, Disk Space Usage gives you information about the volume, including:
■ Volume Name
■ Volume Size in KBytes
■ Free Space in Kbytes
■ Total Space in Kbytes
■ Free Space %
■ Total Space %
■ Free Space % of Total Space
■ Volume Uptime in Hours:Minutes:Seconds
■ Volume Recovery Space in Kbytes
■ Volume Recovery Space% of Volume Size
■ Volume Recovery Time in Hours:Minutes:Seconds
■ Volume Recovery Time% of Volume Size
■ Description
■ Date Created
■ Last Access Date
■ Installed on
■ Enabled
In addition, Disk Space Usage will also display information in the column on the left of each column that you selected. This can include:
■ User, User Group, Group, Group Properties, Owner, Directory, File, and Date.
■ Format
■ The following user column filters are available:
■ User – You can select a user, user group, or a user property.
■ User Group – You can select a user group.
■ Group – You can select a group.
■ Group Properties – You can select a group property.
■ Property – You can select an individual property.
■ Property Date – You can select a property date.
■ Property Last – You can select a property last access date.
■ Property Last % – You can select a property last access date.
■ Property By Owner – You can select a property by owner.
■ Property By Group – You can select a property by group.
■ Property By Group Properties – You can select a property by group properties.

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