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Stamp-out plain text with texture and style. Multiple fonts in one font, meaning you can type with different fonts to get different texts.
Do not use to replace the system font (Times New Roman) – this could overwrite the system font
Font-Colored Light/Dark: The font can be light or dark. You can also make the background of your window lighter or darker.
Font-Outline: Font-outline is the outline of the font, you can make text between the lines with different color.
Font-Outline White: Allows you to make text in your document to have white outline. You can also change the color of the outline, from white to any other color that you want to choose.
Font-Text Size: You can make the font size to be bigger or smaller.
Font-Text Line Height: You can make the line height of the font bigger or smaller.
Font-Text Vertical Offset: You can change the vertical offset of your text. You can move it up or down to change the position of your text.
Font-Text Word Space: The font text space can be wider or thinner.
Font-Text-Dots: When you put the dot at the start of your text, the dot will show on your text.
Font-Text-Dots Height: You can change the size of the dot.
Font-Text-Dots Line Space: You can change the line space between the dot and the start of your text.
Font-Text-Color: You can make the color of your text to be different from the original color of your window.
Font-Text-Emoji: You can make the text with emoji.
Font-Text-Emoji-Dots: You can change the dots that are used when you put emoji.
Font-Text-Strikethrough: You can make the text strikethrough.
Font-Text-Underline: You can make the text underlined.
Font-Text-Stroke: You can make the text thick or thin, change the line space and make the text darker or lighter.
Font-Text-Stroke Color: You can change the color of the text.
Font-Text-Stroke Color White: You can make the text stroke with white color.
Font-Text-Stroke Color Black: You can make the text stroke with black color.
Font-Text 4f8c9c8613

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KEYMACRO is an innovative tool to control several macros in Windows 7 and Windows 8 in a single click. Keymacro will not only help you control macros in a single click, it will also ensure you that macros will be re-run properly and safely. With the assistance of Keymacro, you will not need to learn any new technique or learn by trial and error to control the macros. It is a straightforward and safe way to control and make macros in the Windows system.
Keymacro provides an overview of all macros and has some essential features as follows:
• To enable or disable individual macro
• To enable or disable macros that are being executed by pressing the Windows key
• It will alert you about any broken/unable to be executed macros
• When the execution of a macro fails, Keymacro will show you the exact reason why it failed. It will also show you the key combination to be used to correct it.
Keymacro is a solution that will save you from the drudgery of executing macros by pressing the Windows key repeatedly and the need to learn any technique or perform trial and error to control the macros. It will also save you from the pain of forgetting the correct key combination to be used for executing macros and from the unexpected mess that may be caused by the macros when they are executed. It is an intuitive and intuitive solution to the issues related to macros in Windows.
• Control all macros in Windows 7 and Windows 8
• Enable or disable individual macros
• Enable or disable macros that are being executed by pressing the Windows key
• An overview of all macros in the system
• Alert you about any broken/unable to be executed macros
• When the execution of a macro fails, Keymacro will show you the exact reason why it failed. It will also show you the key combination to be used to correct it
• When the execution of a macro fails, Keymacro will show you the exact reason why it failed. It will also show you the key combination to be used to correct it

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MSPowerTools Description:
MSPowerTools is a powerful and professional multi-function application for Windows.It can be used as a system monitor, activity monitor, disk manager, file manager, system information and other features. MSPowerTools features are:
1,Easy to use
3,High stability
4,Update MSPowerTools


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