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EThICS is an application based website that enables high school students to
have a safe place to discuss academic ethics issues.

Academic Ethics Framework


If the server has a disk (or diskless) RAID it can have multiple volumes. A single volume would be indistinguishable from a single drive. So you would need multiple volumes, of which your operating system has no knowledge. You would need to configure something like the volume manager to make this happen. But that has nothing to do with the RAID itself.
What you might be talking about is a RAID 1 setup with a disk that is visible in the OS. But you still would need some setup outside of the OS to make this happen. This is done by creating LVM volume groups, configuring LVM services and activating the volume group. Once the volume group is active, any file that is added to the volume group and is on a different volume is automatically visible on the OS.


SQL Server instance starts automatically when I want to

I’m setting up a SQL Server 2014 Express installation on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. After I’ve installed the SQL Server stuff I start the computer and only after that (when I see a “Starting SQL Server (Instance name)” in the Event Viewer) the database appears.
I’m not sure if this is a question of configuration or just the way SQL Server is set up.
I tried searching for the “Startup Type” but there is no option for “Automatic”.
I’m running SQL Server as a service.


You need to configure SQL Server to start automatically.
In Server properties:

Select Start Automatically

SQL Server Agent should be configured to start automatically as well.

That is all.
You can read more details here.

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an exhaust gas purifying catalyst composition and an exhaust gas purifying catalyst for a diesel engine, which can be employed for a diesel engine that has a combustion cylinder and is equipped with an exhaust gas purifying catalyst that contains a metal such as iron as a catalyst metal and an exhaust gas purifying catalyst, which is used for purifying an exhaust gas emitted from the combustion cylinder.
2. Description of the Related Art
A technology for increasing an engine output by increasing a proportion of a component included in an exhaust gas, such as NOx and particulates has 4f8c9c8613

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# Subtitles are text files with lines of text and optional # comments. Each comment starts with a ‘#’ (pound) sign and is # followed by a single character (e.g. #”#English words”#). Each comment may be followed by # any number of characters.
# There is no standard for the specific contents of subtitle # files, but the most popular formats are:
# – English (US)
# – English (UK)
# – Chinese
# – Japanese
# This program converts subtitles files into word lists. You don’t # have to modify the subtitles file.
# To use the command, type “subtitles2wordslist -x”
# The output contains the list of words along with the lines of text # associated with each word in the file.

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