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* The user doesn’t need to log in to the Office 365 account to set up the event details.
* You can add to the calendar right away without any authentication or login.
* Quickly add appointments to your calendar even if the calendar is shared with others.
* The calendar preview is provided in a user friendly interface.
* The calendar events in Outlook, as well as in the calendar in SharePoint are displayed in the same order in a calendar view.
* The calendar displays all events in a list for a quick event preview.
* The calendar shows the calendar events in Outlook, as well as in SharePoint in a list, with links for each event.
* The user can choose to view the calendar in a horizontal or vertical list.
* You can choose to show a list of unique events or a list with a reminder of all the events.
* The list is always displayed in the same order as the events are displayed in.
* You can choose to display events in a user’s calendar or another user’s calendar.
* You can choose to show events in one calendar or in multiple calendars, as well as to show events in only one month or in all months.
* You can also specify the time period of the calendar.
* You can define the start time and end time of the day.
* You can define the intervals for repeating events.
* You can define the duration of the recurring event.
* You can adjust the color theme of the calendar for each item, and for the entire calendar.
* You can use the table of calendar events, or the event details to send email reminders to the users.
* You can use the selected calendar views to view the calendar events in the drop-down calendar views.
* You can display the current time in the calendar.
* You can display custom color themes for each event or for the entire calendar.
* You can add your own calendar views.
* You can click a single event in the list to display event details.
* You can select multiple events to make a bulk edit of the event details.
* You can search the calendar by title, description, or by the user who is hosting the event.
* You can set the event reminder for selected calendar views.
* You can set events to repeat weekly, monthly or yearly, based on the selected frequency.
* You can choose to display the list of events in a format that is easy to view or in 70238732e0

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Reminds you about prayer on certain dates and times through the
notification tray icon, using the Azkars and Athkars for each prayer.
This program will popup at the specified time
(in minutes). The icon will also blink when the time is running out.
The message of the Athkar can be configured.
(For example, the next new moon is in the 17th month (January)
and the message is for the 15th prayer (Maghrib) after the new moon.)



Yes, this is possible. There’s an app called Alnaseeha which looks like what you want.
You can view the source code here:


No, this is not possible.
I tested your question with Focus
I have the same problem but I need to send an SMS notification so I use a python script that sends an SMS to my cell phone.
Yes there is a way to do it but it will not be recommended because is it not a good practice and many user will not like it.
I will use Notify-OSD instead.

Just before graduation, it seemed like a distant possibility. There were so many barriers: immigration laws in Australia, the fact that so many Irish people are employed by the Melbourne Cup and there was nowhere for Eddie Izzard to go.

Izzard has been living with a neurological disorder known as dyslexia since he was a schoolboy, but as he prepared to take up his role as the principal of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), it became clear it would not stop him.

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