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Easy to use and easy to use.
Bypass Windows Access Control list.
Use as a proxy.


This article is more like a call for discussion than an actual review of the application. This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t use Ubuntu Desktop very often, and my knowledge about this system is rather limited.

First of all, this was released in June 2012, so some of the data presented in this article might be dated, or even outdated.

Now, on the good side, Unity works well on my Powerbook G4 12″ and OS X Lion works great with the Powerbook G4 13″ I have. However, for some reason, OS X Server seems to be lacking in some areas. It seems, if I may say so myself, that Apple put less attention to this product than what I have seen in other software. Also, even when the user is logged in as administrator, there are still quite a few places where you cannot do anything, even if you have administrative privileges.

I have tried to find documentation for this software but could only find this article written in 2008, so it’s hard to say for sure.

Anyway, back to the main point of this article. As you can see from the screenshot above, the keyboard shortcuts in Unity seems to be different from the ones in OS X. This application seems to detect and use the different keyboard shortcuts for each environment. I have not tested it with other operating systems, and I’m not sure that it will work with other operating systems. Therefore, this is not a review of this application, but rather a call for discussion.

Parallels Desktop is a package of applications that lets you use a Windows virtual machine in your computer. You can migrate your applications, documents and movies to the virtual machine and use them through an easy to use interface. You can also use the virtual machine as a server.

The application allows you to drag and drop files from a remote computer to the virtual machine or vice-versa. You also get an option to copy/paste files from one window to another, and it uses a wizard like approach in all the steps of the transfer process.

It is easy to use and intuitive to use. However, it isn’t free and it may not work perfectly with every configuration. If you decide to buy it, you might want to test it before actually buying it. If you are going to use it 70238732e0

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There are many ways how to install Keyboard macros in Miranda IM.
■ Easy way to install macros from the Tools menu, File | Macro setup and write a command to install macros.
■ Use KeyboardMacro plugin that is part of Miranda IM (download) and activate plugin.
■ Load KeyboardMacro command manually in Miranda IM.
■ Change KeyboardMacro command line to a full path if it is installed in a different location.
■ Use SPC (Split screen plugin command) command to insert macros from the Macros menu, but that’s another way.
■ See tutorial how to use KeyboardMacro.
■ See tutorial how to use SPC.
■ See tutorial how to use MACRO.
■ See tutorial how to use Macros menu.
■ See tutorial how to use plugins.
■ See tutorial how to write macros.
■ See tutorial how to use toolbars.
■ See tutorial how to use screen magnification.
■ In Miranda IM (ICQ Clone) select Tools, Macros and start Menu macro setup.
■ Select KeyboardMacro command and write a command or open KeyboardMacro command line.
■ Write in KeyboardMacro command a macro name to insert into Miranda IM.
■ Press Enter.
■ If you press Enter in KeyboardMacro command line again, it will exit from command.
■ Select Happy Birthday macro and write a Macro command.
■ Press Enter.
■ You can use different macros by pressing Enter key in KeyboardMacro command line.
■ Note that a macro name is similar with the name of keyboard shortcut to insert macros.
■ Use HappyBirthday in KeyboardMacro command line and write a Macro command.
■ Press Enter.
■ You can use different macros by pressing Enter key in KeyboardMacro command line.
■ Note that a macro name is similar with the name of keyboard shortcut to insert macros.
■ Select Main menu macros and write a Macro command.
■ Press Enter.
■ You can use different macros by pressing Enter key in KeyboardMacro command line.
■ Note that a macro name is similar with the name of keyboard shortcut to insert macros.


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